Social & PR

Social is Changing

The face and useage of social media is changing drastically.  In fact, most marketing experts will confirm that social has overtaken search in reach and targetability.  We prefer to use a combination of search, PR and social to create market traction.  The truth is that they each work together harmoniously with the other to create a very strong network of digital presence and awareness.


We approach social with a fresh approach that leverages a unique combination of micro-influencers, organic content and paid content.  In fact, we even build events around these efforts to create maximum market traction.  Contact us for more info on this.


Search engine optimization and marketing are still important both organically and paid.  We weave these into our marketing strategies when important.  Every campaign is unique, and needs it’s own approach that will accomplish the goals and objectives of the project.


Most people don’t realize that most PR is digital today.  From press releases, blogs, articles and even TV interviews the power of digital is the most powerful driver in creating market traction.  We use digital PR to create buzz around our launches and awareness.  


We are intrigued to hear about your project.  Just click the button below to start the process.  The initial consultation is complimentary, so what are you waiting for?