Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Creates

Brand Interaction

There is no more powerful element to create potential brand engagement than augmented reality. It allows a brand to interact directly with it’s audience while on the shelf, something no other medium offers. That interaction continues long after the medium is purchased and consumed.


AR is amazing technology, but creating the right story line to move a customer to purchase takes unusual skill.


The strategy is central to the sucess. What are the end results? This is a crucial skill.


Do you force a mobile app download? Use Instagram or Snapchat filters? Knowing how to use these is also key!


The ability to track every user and gain valuable sales insight is unlike any other medium. This is invaluable!

The 4 main types of AR for retail and products

We have learned to categorize 4 main types of AR experiences specifically for retail, products and general branding. You can read about each one below and click on the button to view the actual campaign intself. Just remember we didn’t do this, but we’re working on projects that are far beyond even these.


This allows the user to place the product in their home, office, car, etc… for them to interact with how it will fit or look. This helps further the sales process on products like clothes, make-up, furniture, etc… IKEA is a great example of this.



AR allows the customer to interact with the brand while creating an attachment and top of mind awareness (TOMA). A great example of this is 19 Crimes.  There are 19 stories across various bottles and a great way to interact with brand.



Using platforms like Snapchat or Instagram, or creating your own fun experience that is not practical (such as placement or interaction based types), the sole aim is to creative positive emotions while engaging with the brand. Pepsi has a great example of this.



A more practically based platform that allows users to preview an upcoming event or experience. StubHub used this to allow users to preview stadium seats and parking at the Super Bowl. AMC used it to show previews with far more information than video trailers on YouTube.




AR more likely to purchase

From a brand using


AR you ready to be one of those brands?