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We use high level strategy and talent to create solutions that work!

Immersive tech like AR/VR are the hottest topic in digital strategy solutions right now.  But without a holistic marketing campaign wrapped around these, there is little chance for real market impact.



We utilize a very high level PR campaign to create maximum awareness.   This awareness drives targeted traffic to the solution you just invested in.

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Social & Influencers

Leveraging social media with paid, organic and strategic influencers we have proven success in creating market traction with immersive tech.

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Wrapping events around immersive tech launches is a primary way we create significant market traction.  Combined with the other options, we create a place for others to experience then promote both the product (or service) and immersive tech.

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Relational Equity

We’ve been in digital marketing for over 25 years.  It allows us two key advantages.  1.  Our ability to accurately enact strategy is unmatched.  2.  Our relational equity in this space is invaluable.  These two allow us to have significant success and market traction and certain results.  

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Augmented Reality is set to 
explode in 2020! Are you ready for it?

1 Billion Users

That’s right!  In 2020, the expected number of AR users globally will exceed 1 billion!  It proves that AR is not something you can overlook anymore.

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Consumers 70% Positive

AR isn’t taking the world by storm in a hostile manner.  Over 70% of people asked, believe AR can improve their quality of life!  

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Marketing Leaders 70%

Almost 70% of marketing leaders and buyers want AR in their marketing campaigns!  This trend is here to stay!

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Most AR users fall into the range of 18-34, although it does reach far outside this.  As AR grows, so will the demographics!

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Our Awesome Team

We have a powerhouse team that is passionate about what they do and enjoy using their expertise to benefit our clients. Here is information on our executive team, we have many other team members globally that will be added soon.



Chris started his digital career over 25 years ago. Having worked with some of America’s top brands, he is skilled in executive digital strategy and has a real passion for immersive media (AR & VR)!



As one of the most sought after production experts in VR, Tim is a rock star in the immersive space. He leads our technical integration and has worked with NASA, Red Bull, Facebook and other well known brands.



Daria launched into AR/VR several years ago and has now worked on projects for such names as Pepsi and Skoda.  She is a regular keynote speaker for this industry in conferences around the world.

Over 200


25 years




Some of Our Digital Strategy Customers

We’ve helped over 200 clients across North America, Europe and the world!

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